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June 21, 2011
Since Steve was busy winning races on the weekend Mike Mill's picked up his bike, we had to postpone his visit to Maryland. Immediately after his race at Barber; Steve caught a red eye to Maryland to re-introduce Mike to his Ninja 1000 and enjoy a quick ride with him and his friends.

May 25, 2011
Aaron Adrian shares his plans for his Ninja 1000 with Steve Rapp!

May 25, 2011
Where is Gary Rosen now?!

May 25, 2011
Check out Aaron Adrian's first ride on his Ninja 1000!

May 25, 2011
Check out Gary Rosen's first ride on his Ninja 1000!

May 25, 2011
Cycle World Guest Contributors Gary Rosen and Aaron Adrian will be picking up their Ninja 1000's today! Stay Tuned to hear about their first rides!

May 19, 2011
Guest contributor John Cook will be picking up his Ninja 1000 today at 3pm!

May 19, 2011
Guest contributor Teri Lynn picked up her Ninja 1000 today! She even gave it a name "Olive"

May 18, 2011
Looks like we have our ten lucky guest contributors selected. Stay tuned for more details on the ten Cycle World subscribers who get to test-ride the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 for 90 days!

April 20, 2011
Wow just got another huge batch of applicants for the Cycle World Ninja 1000 experience. Please remember this program is for Cycle World subscribers only so make sure you don’t miss out on other awesome programs like this in the future. Subscribe to Cycle World today!

April 16, 2011
Talked to Steve Rapp, former factory roadracer and Daytona 200 winner on a Kawasaki ZX6R. He’s agreed to be our Official Cycle World representative for the Cycle World Ninja 1000 experience. Four lucky applicants will have their bike delivered by Steve Rapp, go for a quick ride on Ninja 1000’s and hang out with the former Daytona 200 winner.  

April 14, 2011
man this is tough we’ve got so many interesting people who sent in applications for the Ninja 1000 experience... it’s gonna be hard to choose just 10 people for this project.

April 10, 2011
Wow, We just got our first group of applicants for the Cycle World Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Experience……wow lots of interesting people to choose from.

April 8, 2011
Sent out hundreds of email applications to a select group of Cycle World subscribers asking them to tell us about themselves, how they share their digital life online and why they should be chosen as a Cycle World Guest Contributor for the Cycle World Ninja 1000 experience.

April 4, 2011
Wooo hooo!! We just got word that we are starting the Cycle World Ninja 1000 experience project. This awesome new program lets 10 lucky Cycle World subscribers test ride a new Ninja 1000 for 90 days and tell the world about it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

March 28, 2011
Just got word we’ve got a top secret project we’re working on with Kawasaki that will let 10 Cycle World subscribers ride a free Kawasaki for 90 days!!


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