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August 26, 2011

WRAP UP BLOG – So Long NINJA 1000.. I will miss you.

The date was Friday, August 26, 2011.  I didn’t want to give back the bike.  But I was out of options. It was either give it back or high tail it out of Pennsylvania, bags tucked on board to the open road across the U.S.

There were flaws in my plan. The first flaw was that I was a coward that never got more than a parking ticket in my life. Even those parking infractions were questionable.

Second, I had work on Monday. 

I pondered my ability to get across the U.S. and back, hiding out in seedy motels along the way. Surely the torque and speed of the Ninja 1000 could get me across many state lines without a problem.

If someone did get on my tail, I’d maximize the potential of the diamond shaped mirrors to keep the pesky followers in my sights.

But what about gas? I thought of rewiring the system of the Ninja to run its powerful parts on 1% milk.  Again, more flaws.  First, milk spoils in heat. Surely my fuel would turn to cottage cheese. Second, I had no inkling just how to do all that technical mumbo jumbo anyhow. Plus, the Ninja got great gas mileage, so my drama looked quite foolish.

So, I had to give the bike back. Sure, I’d miss the well-lit gauges clearly seen be it night or day.  I’d miss the fuel gauge telling me just how much gas I had left. I would miss the cushy grips of the handle bars. 

How I’d long for the days of adrenalin surging through my veins as I cut turns at a high rate of speed, the tires gripping the asphalt with dominating force.  I’d miss the attention received as I cruised up to stop lights, flashing the red and black paint of the streamlined machine that came to be known as Thor.

I’d miss the sound of the exhaust pipes as the engine revved; throaty pipes that turned a lot of heads.

Most of all I’d miss the camaraderie of the other nine bloggers (and Jenelle) whom I came to befriend.  We shared video, compared notes on the bikes, a few of us even friended each other on Facebook and Twitter. The Cycle World Ninja 1000 Experience became much more than a kick ass bike to ride for 90 days. The experience morphed into an adventure I’d not soon forget.


I was going to do a wrap up video, but I returned the bike shortly before Hurricane Irene decided to grace the upper east coast with her presence.  We had to batten down the hatches and get supplies in case of an emergency.  The creek did flood and the power was out for close to three days. Our street here was under some serious water.  Check out the video of the innovative kayaker.

Have fun watching the video of thinking outside the box when a street floods. 

July 30, 2011

The Heat Is On

A catchy tune released by Glenn Frye in 1985.  Summer here in Northeastern Pennsylvania has been brutal.  In the month of July we had a few days that topped 100 degrees. 
We went for a ride yesterday up to Montgomeryville Cycle in PA.  They are one of the few motorcycle places that are open on Sunday.  We took back roads just because the turnpike is boring.

There were a few spots of stop and go.  When the bike isn’t moving, it heats up fast.  I haven’t talked to any of the other riders participating in the Cycle World Ninja 1000 Experience about this, but it is something I noticed from the start.

Now, I thought it was the pipes at first; until we stopped at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Doylestown.  I got off the bike and mentioned the heat.  How it seriously starts to become uncomfortable after riding more twenty minutes in stop and go traffic.
Turns out, it isn’t the pipes. The frame of the bike is heating up. That kind of explains a little more because it isn’t just my calves that have that incineration feeling.  It is both of my legs.

After riding the Ninja for the last two months and going over everything: headlights, riding position, handle bars, mirrors, seat, shifting and anything else I have talked about I have come to the conclusion that the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is an awesome bike.  It shifts well and handles great in the corners.  It is a beautiful bike.

The only drawback is the frame that heats up.  Someone commented on one of the videos I posted on the YouTube Cycle World channel about me not wearing riding pants.  I can’t say for sure that the heat would affect me the same if I wore riding pants.  I don’t own riding pants and probably won’t any time soon. 

July 17, 2011

Twisting, Turning…Through New Jersey!

“Through The Never” is by Metallica on their self-titled album often called The Black Album released August 31, 1991.  Part of the chorus is: “Twisting!  Turning!  Through The!  Never!”  Hmm… probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone unfamiliar with Metallica.  Man, I can be a nerd.

Sunday was such a great weather day.  Andy, I, Joe and his daughter Emily decided to get on the road and head over to New Jersey.  We rode the back roads through Morrisville, PA, into Trenton, NJ and ventured over to Princeton, NJ.

The order was:  Andy on his Bandit 1250, Joe and Emily on the Hyabusa then me on the Ninja 1000.  Any motorcycle enthusiast knows that the Hyabusa is wicked fast.  But the trusty Ninja 1000 kept up wonderfully.

We found a lot of twisty roads and Thor kept up with the Bandit and the Hyabusa beautifully through the turns. The cornering capabilities on this bike are amazing.

We rode for about 100 miles yesterday.

I was never good at making U-turns and yesterday I had to make a lot of them!  My Ninja 500 does this sputter thing when I hold the clutch part way in while in first gear making a U-turn.  The Ninja 1000 does very well at a slow speed.  It does not sputter, jerk or try to stall out.  Now, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with me, but I really like that since we make so many darn U-turns.

Bear Tavern Road in New Jersey is primo; chock full of twists and turns.  The roads in New Jersey are slightly better than the roads in Pennsylvania… only slightly.

In the middle of our trip we stopped at Starbucks in Princeton, NJ for some much needed refreshment and found a little brunch café tucked away off the main drag.  I enjoyed a chili dog with a strawberry banana smoothie while everyone else had falafel wraps.

We headed home via the back roads and wound up in Yardley, PA right on the Delaware River.

I did take video, but again, the camera malfunctioned.  :( I got a few minutes of riding, however.

Until next time…Happy Trails!

July 10, 2011

1000 vs. 500

Since I have not gotten the registration for the Ninja 1000, I am forced to let the power force rest in the garage and take my little green bean out on the road.  We went back up the way of Easton and took lots of back roads.
First off, the seat on my little green machine is much more comfy than the seat on the 1000.  My guess is that this is because the seat on my green machine is wider.  Also, I have one of those cushy seat pads on it.  Once I get the registration for the 1000, I will attempt to put the cushy, mushy seat pad on.

Secondly, after riding the 1000 for about four weeks and then getting on my own bike, I have three words for you:  Holy Snails, Batman!

My little green machine (which I thought was at one time the knees of the bees) is like a snail racing in molasses compared to the 1000. 

I had finally gotten used to the sheer power from takeoff at a red light on Thor.  Seems, I have become a little spoiled!  Andy and I were stopped at a light in Levittown, PA and I jokingly (but seriously) said “wanna?”  As if hearing my words the light turned green.

It was like one of those cartoon races where the gun goes off at the starting line and one racer is off while the other is left eating his dust.

On the little 500, I was the dust eater this time.
One other thing I noticed since I got back on my own bike... my bike lacks in the corners compared to the Ninja 1000.  I shouldn’t say such things, but my bike cannot read so I doubt I am hurting its feelings.   My bike isn’t tragic, but gracefulness lacks compared to the 1000. 

July 5, 2011

Riding At Sunset

I am not a big fan of riding at sunset.  While the sky is beautiful, the deer are plentiful. In the city deer aren’t really an issue at sunset.  Up here in Bucks County is a different story.  I took the Contour Camera along for the ride tonight to capture some of the scenery.  There are a couple nice shots of the sun blazon sky. We went through Langhorne and into Levittown.  We then went into Bristol, Pennsbury and then Morrisville.  It sounds like we rode two hundred miles, but in reality it was about thirty.

In one of the videos, I am taking a few turns at a painfully slow pace. I’ll explain. The road is in the middle of two adjacent forests.  On this road I have encountered deer, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits and an occasional bird somewhere along the way.  Now, I can deal with any of these critters except the deer.  Andy told me when we got back that a deer crossed the road in front of him while he was ahead of me.  He didn’t tell me until we got home because he did not want to “freak me out.”

This is why I am not a big fan of riding twisty roads in the middle of nowhere at sunset.

Piping Hot Pipes

I cannot get over the heat that comes off of the exhaust pipes. When I am riding somewhere between 45-85 mph, it is not an issue. But in residential areas, which I ride through a lot, I do not exceed 45 mph.   The heat is uncomfortable and kind of ruins the ride. But the pipes do sound wicked. 

July 1, 2011

Friday Night's Alright for Ridin' (and Headlights)

Ok, so I couldn't think of a song that went along with riding at night and Friday... so I tweaked one a little. "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" was released in 1973 by Elton John. This song was also amped up a few notches when redone by Nickelback in 2003 featuring Kid Rock and the late Dimebag Darrell.

Friday night Andy, Joe and I took the long way up to New Hope. The weather was primo for riding as I was tempted (only temped!) to ride sans jacket. I pushed this thought over the cliff in my mind and wore protection. Because you just never know who isn't paying attention or if the local wildlife want to meet up close and personal. On the way up to New Hope I was feeling a little cocky as I have now officially settled into the Ninja 1000. I was taking turns a little faster than previously, which felt good. I was cocky until the sun had almost set as we cruised on River Road.

It was almost as if the three of us were in a motorcycle parade and the white tail deer of Bucks County were excited that we would be in the area. Thankfully, they stood statue-like as we passed. I know deer are dawn/dusk creatures, but the amount of deer I have been seeing lately is bordering on hostile takeover. In my mind I was chanting "you stay there" kind of like Tim Lincicum of the San Francisco Giants screaming at Jimmy Rollins in the 2010 Game Five of The NLCS. Jimmy Rollins, of the Philadelphia Phillies, was on Lincicum's last nerve because Rollins is an epic base stealer. But I wasn't screaming. That would have been weird.

Do you have a point Darlene? Yes. The headlight on my 2006 Ninja 500 isn't the brightest. I can't think of a legitimate reason why because motorcyclists need to see a lot of road. At night there are all kinds of craziness going on: bicyclists without reflective gear, pedestrians, and twitchy deer. The headlight on the Ninja 1000 spans the road, getting the nooks and crannies of the ditches and deer. I never ride alone at night and have always depended on the headlight of Andy's Suzuki Bandit to light my way. The headlight on the Ninja 1000 allows me independence if he decides to race off, which he has been known to do.I hit the high beam for a few seconds and a small celebration went off in my head complete with fireworks, which we saw when we got to New Hope. With the high beam on, I can see both sides of the road very well. Cue fireworks. It may seem odd to get excited over a head light, but I ride my Ninja 500 white knuckled at night on River Road. Not fun. Riding at night and being able to see more than 20 feet in front of the bike? Very fun!

June 26, 2011

Breakin’ The Law

Judas Priest released “Breaking The Law” in 1980 on the epic album British Steel. 

I have to admit I broke the law!  :( Yes.  When we were on 332 heading up to go through Furlong, I hunkered down and opened the throttle.  Andy and I were at a red light just before the mile stretch of road.  First in line, we looked at each other and he said, “ya wanna?” I smiled and said, “yes.”

The light turned green and we gunned it like there was a rabid pack of zombies on our tail.  I noticed when I gunned Thor, the front end desperately wanted to come up.  Now, I’m not sure if it wanted to come up because that’s what it always wants to do or, simply because I had not yet shifted all my weight to the front.  Either way, I am very happy that the front end did not come up. 

Today was supposed to be awesome weather wise according to yesterday.  However, this morning I woke up to an increasingly cloudy sky.  No bother. Thor and I hit the road anyway with Andy and his Bandit. 

We rode up through Furlong, PA past Lake Nocamixon, though Obelisk and back home.  It was a shorter ride than I had wanted but the dang sky refused to give way to sunshine or even bright clouds.

I had that pesky “chicken strips” comment stuck in my head every time I approached a corner.  I smirked as I leaned harder than the Tower of Piza in each corner, rolling on the throttle on the way out.  Bye-bye pesky chicken strips.

All in all it was a great ride even though at 80 miles, a short one.  We are going to be riding up to Hawk’s Nest, NY at some point.  Looking forward to that ride!

June 25, 2011

Chicken Strips?!

Last night we dropped the Ninja off at Bucks County Kawasaki for the 600 mile service.  Dave was there which was great.  If you remember (and I’m sure you don’t) he was the one who prepped the bike.  He asked me how I liked it so far and I told him.

Dave, the bike is simply awesome.

He came out to look at the bike, specifically the tires.  That’s when he said, “You got chicken strips.”

“What?  Me?”

“Yep… little afraid to lean.”

My face flushed a little.  He got me.  I was afraid to lean too far because of new tires.   I thought if I leaned too far the tires would take me down for a fight with the asphalt I simply would not win.

Apparently, I was wrong.  Hey, there is a first time for everything. Ha.

I’ll have the bike back before Monday the 27th.  Now that the service will be complete, I will plan long trips to exciting places with lots of people to tell how I came to have the Ninja 1000. 

June 19, 2011

Today was such a beautiful day!  Sunny, high 70’s and low winds made for a perfect leisurely Sunday ride.

We went up River Road and then into Easton, PA which is the home of heavyweight champ Larry Holmes, as well as Crayola Crayons and Easton Baseball Bat Company.

Thor handled beautifully as we whisked around curves and went up and down mountain roads. Andy likes to ride fast and I kept up very well.  I saw a ton of bikes on my trip through PA and NJ and I got a couple double looks from onlookers
 I wish I could show you video of the awesome roads that Thor and I rode on, but for some reason, the Contour camera failed to record. Hopefully, it will work next time. Maybe I stopped and started the camera one too many times, I don’t know. I am pretty upset about it.

Our total trip today was about 150 miles which is the longest trip Thor and I have taken to date. I am about 25 miles shy of my 600 mile mark, but I will be getting that done this week and get the bike in for its first service.

We stopped to get gas once, and there were a couple bikes that passed and looked hard at Thor.  I just smiled. We then stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts where I quenched my thirst with an iced coffee and three blueberry munchkins (yum!).  An older gentleman who looked to be a Vietnam Vet wished me a Happy Father’s Day and I returned the thought with a puzzled smile on my face.

When we got back home we fired up the grill and ate some tasty Bratwurst.  That hit the spot right before a well-earned Sunday afternoon nap.  

June 15, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

I love when it rains... between 12 midnight and 6 am. Since I have not obtained the blueprints from the Legion of Doom (arch nemesis of The Justice League) for the weather machine to change the rain that has been falling off and on for the last week, I cannot alter the drops into bursting sunbeams. Damn.

Lots of rain equals little riding. I did get to ride to work last week a couple times last week which was nice. I really have to get the bike to 600 miles to get it in for the service.  I'll probably get to that at the end of the week. I feel slightly embarrassed that I have not even gotten to the 600 mile mark, but I can only do what I can do.  Two jobs, writing, preparing for my daughter to come home and wicked thundershowers are impeding on my ride time... Most of the impediment is from the surly thunder showers.

I took an upcoming four day weekend.  I can’t say the forecast looks promising for Friday and Monday, but Saturday and Sunday look wicked awesome for riding. 

June 6, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Bike… So Much About You I Like
As Thor and I form that rider/ride relationship, I am noticing some really awesome features that may have fallen by the wayside if Thor had been the first bike I ever rode

I’m talking comparisons here; kind of like comparing chunky peanut butter to creamy peanut butter.  While both are equally delicious, chunky peanut butter has more peanuts.   Therefore, it could be said that chunky peanut butter is more satiating than creamy peanut butter. 

I was riding back from New Hope tonight on Thor and there was a creepy truck behind me. It clicked right then that I didn’t have to crouch down to look in the mirrors. They are shaped like five-sided diamonds in a sense, up and away from the bike.
The mirrors on my Ninja 500 are tucked in, down and are rectangle shaped.  So not only do I have to crouch to use them, I have to tuck my arms in like a penguin.

 “There goes that crouching penguin girl again!”

I measured the mirrors of both the Ninja 500 and the Ninja 1000 (with the help of my assistant, Andy). The Ninja 500 mirror width measures 14.5 inches from the center of the bike, making the span of the mirrors 29 inches. The measurement from center to mirror tip on the Ninja 1000 is 17.5 inches, making the span on the Ninja 1000 35 inches. The mirrors stick out three extra inches on either side.  This means more view, less shrugging in for my arms and an all-around riding pleasure.
So it could be said that the 2011 Ninja 1000 has more mirror, which may not be satiating, but it is definitely a safety feature.   Motorcyclists cannot take their eyes off the road for more than a second.  It is great to just be able to glance to the left or the right to use the mirrors while keeping the road in the line of vision.

Good job, Kawasaki!


June 4, 2011

Saturday in the Park

A delightful Chicago tune circa 1972. However, I did not see a single person selling ice cream or singing Italian songs.
We rode out to Wharton State Forest in New Jersey on Saturday.  The forecast was calling for sunshine and high 70’s to low 80’s.  The sky was dark and looming with a few gusts of wind.  In the high 60’s, there were no sunbeams

The Contour camera and its software are getting easier to handle. The SD card provided with the camera doesn’t hold much video, so now I know to dump the card immediately after I transfer the videos to the computer. We got some footage of me on Thor from a few different angles. I am kind of far away in a few spots.  I’ll post it anyway. 

I am totally comfortable on Thor at this point. The bike is awesome. Thor is great in the corners and as soon as I get on the throttle, shoots down the road like a bull on fire.  The bike is way lighter than it looks. Bonus!  I do not have great upper body strength.

One of the features I like is the give in the foot pegs. On my Ninja 500, the pegs do not move very well when the back of my legs touch them. On the Ninja 1000, the pegs have just the right amount of give in them to spring up when my legs touch them.

I have gotten a lot of compliments on the sound of the bike as well. Throaty...

I was at a gas station in Burlington, NJ today and the attendant chattered with me about Burlington Bike Night which I am devastated to say I could not attend because I had to work.

Burlington Bike Night happens once a year in Burlington, NJ.  They have bands, bikes and an occasional babe. The drawback of Burlington Bike Night is that it is smack dab in the middle of Burlington.  I would have to park on the street and no one would really get to see Thor.  A lot of bike shows are in parks, BBN is on a large street
My boyfriend and I took some video of our trip to Jersey, but the quality of the video is garbage. We had the camera mounted on the back of my boyfriend’s Suzuki Bandit. 

June 2, 2011

It’s Getting Better All The Time

Yeah, The Beatles are a little before my time, but as a kid who grew up in a house where music was a constant; this tune and many others have flowed through my ears.

“It’s Getting Better All The Time” is a Beatles tune that came out in 1967 on the epic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

I’m not sure if every line in the song goes along with how I am feeling about the 2011 Ninja 1000, but the chorus does and it popped in my head today after replying, “It’s getting better all the time” to the question, “How’s the motorcycle coming along?”
Thor and I rode to work again on this beautiful day.  Yesterday was an empty threat of rain complete with dark clouds.

Today was windy with the sun shining ever so bright. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and at a perfect 75 degrees, I longed for it to be Saturday and not Thursday. The wind blew Thor around a little bit, but only when sitting at a light. When we were mobile, we were golden.

Saturday will be here soon enough… plenty of time to ride

Finally I have a video of my route to work.  Yay… I wish I could say that it was twenty-five miles of sweeping curves and twisties, but that statement wouldn’t match the video!  It is about twelve miles of a few curves and a few more stoplights. Still, riding to work is better than driving because I don’t get ticked off about traffic. 

Riding equals a Zen like state.

June 1, 2011

Work Work Work

Today is Wednesday, although it feels like Tuesday. Bonus! I love Mondays off. Today I rode Thor into work via Route 413 which is a two lane road sprinkled with stop lights and a couple bends. That takes me up to Route 332 which is a four-lane highway I bang a left on. Traffic is pretty nuts in the morning. I left earlier than usual, just to be safe.

After I got to work, one of the accountants, George, pulled into the parking lot. After talking about Thor he asked me if I would like him to bless lil’ Thor to which I heartily replied, “Definitely!” George does a lot of work for St. Anne’s Church.

George read the “Blessing for Motorcycle” prayer and I was given the duty of crossing the bike with the Holy Water. I took a couple pictures of the bike getting blessed and the Holy Water on the front end.

They were calling for thunderstorms today. I wasn’t going to ride into work, but figured what the heck and rode anyway.  In weather like this, if I let thundershower forecasts inhibit me from riding, the bike would stay locked up in the garage… forever.
After work, the sky was ominous and gave me the creeps. Still, I had to get home and home I landed safely. 
Thor and I bond a little more each day…  It is gonna be a great summer!


May 29, 2011

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

It’s Sunday. That means a longer ride than any other day of the week. Today Andy and I went up to New Hope, PA via Morrisville. It was a little warm today… I definitely wore the wrong jacket!  I should have worn my lighter jacket as it was about 88 degrees. Next time I’ll be sure to take note on the temperature as well as precipitation percentages.

We parked and were sure to put quarters in the meter.  When motorcycles park in New Hope, there are about 4-6 bikes to a spot and usually everyone chips in a quarter.  Downtown New Hope is a quaint little strip of shops, bars, restaurants and specialty shops.  I mean, in this little strip, there is a spot to buy full body armor. You can walk into town looking like a regular Joe and walk out looking like King Arthur… nice.

Also, there was a young girl there playing guitar and singing. Corey Hite is her name. You can check out her performance on my blog.

There was an older gentleman who had parked next to the svelte Ninja 1000, which by the way, I have taken the liberty of naming Thor for the duration of our time together.  I wasn’t going to name the bike and I know that motor vehicles usually get chic names, but I like Thor.
Thor doesn’t have a problem being called svelte, either.

The older gentlemen looked at me as I took off my jacket and gloves. I immediately started to chatter about the 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 and how I came to be such a lucky gal.  I asked him if he read Cycle World, to which he said he did once in a while. 

I am really starting to like this bike more and more. It hasn’t taken me long to get comfortable on it when it comes to leaning.  Sadly, most of the winding roads up through Bucks County, PA were closed today.  Grr. 

They’ll be others, I’m sure. 

I rode 125 or so miles today, and I am not done. The seat is not very friendly, which is disappointing.
I’ll be posting videos soon of my ride to New Hope and some other cool shots… stay tuned!

May 27, 2011

The First Day!

Bucks County Kawasaki gave me a call around 1:30 pm on Friday the 27th. The 2011 Kawasaki Ninja had finally arrived!  I was told that bike came in the previous night and that Dave would prep it.  Dave rode the Ninja for about ten miles in order to prep it.  I am not sure if this is a standard prep time but I really hope he enjoyed the ride! 

Thanks, Dave… : )

Martin, Dave, Jim and Ted were totally awesome answering any questions I had and giving me a lowdown on what to expect from the Ninja.  Of course, I had to check it out for myself! 

Check out the pictures of the guys at Bucks County Kawasaki standing with me!  Martin even put my name on their sign for the world to see. 

I had asked for the black one… but they sent me the red and black one.  I am glad I got the red & black one!  The bike is stunning. 

I rode it over to a parking lot up and across the street to get a handle on the clutch and shifting. I did a couple of figure 8’s and rode in second gear around the lot for about fifteen minutes.  After I got comfortable with the bike, I ventured out onto Route 413 in Bristol, PA.  It was a short eight mile ride home filled with traffic and plenty of red lights. This led me to the 2 slightly twisty roads of about 2 miles to take me home.

I really thought I was going to be more nervous than I actually was.  I currently own and ride a Ninja 500 that has me on a slight angle when I ride.  As soon as I sat on the Ninja 1000 I was comfortable with the upright seating position. 


The bike looks tall. 
At 5’10” my feet were flat on the ground so that worry was flushed. I was told the 1000 was torquey which had me nervous (I worry a lot, hmm?).   I did experience some torquiness but it was not awful.  It just felt like sheer power and I felt like I could warp through an entire dimension… I opted not to experiment with that as I do not have a map to get back to my current dimension.

Stay tuned for more fun and mayhem!  I’ll be posting a video of my maiden voyage soon.

Familiarizing myself with the bike before I take to the streets.



May 16, 2011

I love to ride. I have a Ninja 500 that I adore. It is fun, fast and frisky. Frisky is reaching, but things are better in threes. Writing is a passion of mine as well. As an aspiring writer, and lover of motorcycles, adrenalin pumps through my veins when I take a tight turn a little faster than I should, or when I am lying in bed at night and that great book idea pops in my head and I run into the next room to write it down. I forget to turn the light on when I do this sometimes, so I have some bruises on my shins. Thankfully, I always remember to wear my helmet when I ride. Getting the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 for ninety days will be a great experience for both me and the motorcycle. There are many great roads within 100 miles of where I live. There are awesome places to take the bike where there are a lot of other riders like in New Hope, PA and Van Zandt Airport. I will be the envy of everyone. I know the other extremely envious riders will want to trade for the Ninja 1000, but it won't happen. I have a Flip Camera too! Perhaps this camera came into my life for this very reason. Probably not, but it is the reason now. I will be sure to take mass amounts of video and upload it to my YouTube account. As a Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging geek who loves to update about nonsensical things like my thoughts of the day, epiphanies, favorite tunes, where I am going to ride that day and such, this is perfect! Now I will have another awesome reason to tweet, update and blog. Thank you for your consideration. Darlene


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